Edges of Europe Moldova shortlisted for the European Press Prize 2019

SHORTLISTED for the European Press Prize


In this series, we travel to the far corners of Europe to discover the untold stories of the continent. This time we take you to Moldova, where a movement of young activists fights for democracy and a better future. 


Thought Policing During Election Time

With the European Parliament elections coming up on May 23rd, how do we gather solid and trustworthy information so we can vote wisely? Could disinformation affect the outcomes, like it did in the 2016 US presidential elections? 


This issue of Are We Europe magazine finds itself at the intersection of movement and identity. Does who we are depend on where we are, or where we come from? From a portrait of a country stricken by brain-drain, to an inside account of Europe's biggest far-right youth organization, to photo-journalism capturing Europe’s new borders.



The Ocean Between Us

We dive into the social, historical and cultural forces that have shaped the past, present and future of transatlanticism. These articles, reflections, and essays shed light on the ways that Europe and the United States remain incredibly entwined—even if those threads are beginning to fray.


Sasha Boole performs Коли Cтихнуть Зайві Звуки (When Useless Noises Will Cease)


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The Ocean Between Us

The Ocean Between Us

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Silent Revolutions

Change often happens without much noise — gradually, unnoticed, or already forgotten. That’s why, in this first issue of AWE magazine, we shed light on the silent (r)evolutions of the past, present and future: from the women’s march on Versailles, to a media revolution in Turkey, to a Danish island community spearheading sustainability. 

Because the loudest revolutions are often silent.

are we europe magazine - Issue 1


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