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Online Thematic Magazine
for the Next European Generation

Are We Europe is a non-profit media collective founded by and for young Europeans. What happens when you collect the voices and visions of young people from all over Europe? You catch a glimpse of a different European reality; one not as readily shown in today’s media. Stories by British youth who struggle with their identity in the wake of the Brexit; by young Ukrainians who are disillusioned at the slow pace of reform in their country; by French feminists who describe the ambiguity of feeling both empowered and defeated during the Women’s March in Paris; by Spanish youth from the Pyrenees who have witnessed the impact of Schengen and open borders; and countless other stories.  

At Are We Europe, our contributors confront Europe's existential crisis with their stories, building a different narrative. Each month we choose a theme and ask questions: our contributors provide their answers. They are free to get as creative as they want in expressing themselves through video, photography, text and other formats. There’s only one “rule”: your story needs to be personal and told in a lively and non-academic way. As we have embarked on our search for what the hell Europe is, we ask you to answer our collective question: what does it really mean to be European?

Join our collective storytelling experiment and join us in the search for Europe.

"Creative ways of exploring European identity"