5 European Bands That Will Make You Forget About Brexit

AWE Music Pick #1 - by Mick ter Reehorst

One of the first things that came to mind after the #Brexit was that it would be way more difficult to see all those great British bands in the UK and on the mainland. Visa’s, taxes, carnets, discrimination, arrogance, money issues, dipping album sales, all these factors would prevent me from seeing bands like Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Editors (who agreed), Muse, and the beat goes on. Check out Pitchfork’s detailed warning prior to Brexit. Or this “should we STAY or should we GO” music edition.

Yet, just like Europe will survive without the United Kingdom, the mainlanders don’t need the Brexiteering British Band Brigade for their daily fix of music. The festivals on the continent are better anyway.

We decided to compile lists of the most exciting, mellow, original, electrifying, interesting and on-fleek - whatever adjective you want to give them - music of Europe.

The first in this series features our pick of 5 present-day English-singing mainland European bands. Agree, or disagree. There are more series to come.

Balthazar - Belgium

These Belgian bad boys received universal acclaim with their 2010 debut album Applause, mixed by a Norwegian. They do deserve some applause indeed, as they have proven to be top-of-the-European-bill for years now.

Christine and the Queens - France

Sure, she mostly sings in French, but that doesn’t mean the English songs are any less. Especially when sung with that accent. C’est vrai, non?

Milky Chance - Germany

The German epitome of hipsterness. They broke the charts when they stole a dance or something, so yeah, they might not be too hipster anymore.

Carnival Youth - Latvia

More hipster-offspring, but now from Latvia. These guys are just really good, and they’ve played almost every cool festival out there with amazing carnivalesque performances. Go see them, if you get the chance.

Niki & the Dove - Sweden

Pitchfork says Niki has one of the best voices in pop. And we agree. Combine that with this killer music video and what more can one wish for?


In order to prevent massive outrage, we proclaim these lists as anything but exhaustive.

Is this enough reason to believe mainland Europe will survive without the UK feeding us their music? We tend to think so. But we might need to explore it a little more. Therefore, we'd like to make more country-based, language-based, regional and genre-based series.

Check out our Spotify account 'AreWeEurope' to find a more exhaustive playlist with songs of the artists we discussed in this article.

Which (specific) lists do you think we should make?