5 Musical Gems From the Mainland

In line with our first article, trying to show that we don't need the United Kingdom for our music, we've put together another great list of 5 masterpieces of mainland music. Lo' and behold!

1) Günther - Ding Dong Song

Swedish singer Günther will never cease to amaze you and leave you with the feeling of just wanting to burst into a tight pair of shorts and dance the night away.

2) Lil’ Kleine & Ronnie Flex - Drank en Drugs

These guys made it big in the Netherlands and in the world in 2015, touring all the festivals. And it all started with this song, romanticizing Drank & Drugs (Booze & Drugs). Ah, the Dutch.

3) Ylvis - What Does the Fox Say?

This Norwegian 'thing' went quite viral, so... that should be enough reason, right? “What does the Fox say? EuroMusic is the best!”

4) Javiera Mena - Espada

All the cliches of Spain thrown together in one great video. They sure know how to throw a rainbow Euro-party!

5) Bogdan de la Cluj - Castraveti Si Porodici

This Crown jewel of Romanian music will make your party-crowd get loose and loco in a matter of seconds. And the lyrics are easy too! You want more? Here & here. We knew you’d like it. And ok, this is the true crown jewel of Romania. 

Well, if you are not fully on board with Euro-music by now, we don’t know what else to say. Send us your gems.

More series will follow. Click here for the previous one.