Collective of European Creatives

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The AreWeEurope Collective is a community of creators that helps each other to grow in their craft and be part of a collective mission to explore what it means to be European.

The collective is a diverse group of young Europeans with a passion for journalism. We meet, discuss and collaborate on cross-border projects, all over the continent. Together, we create border-breaking stories.

The 6 founding principles

  1. We cross borders. All our activities have one underlying goal: to co-create border-breaking projects with a community from all over the continent.

  2. Diversity is our strength. We aim to constantly diversify our community, as only a diverse community can offer a glimpse of what it means to be European. 

  3. We are more than a traditional publisher. We are involved from the beginning by offering our platform as a stepping stone for our community’s new ideas.

  4. Community engagement is the pillar of our foundation. It’s not a tool, single job, or one-off project. 

  5. Authentic community engagement takes time, intentionality and space to evolve. We resist rushing this process and will not operate on timelines that don’t accommodate our community.

  6. We cultivate relationships, not transactions. The status quo is extractive reporting and has led to distrust between the public and journalists, dehumanizing the interaction between community and media. We believe journalism should cultivate a network of relationships that generates accountability and shares resources.