Editorial - Confrontation

Artwork by Oxana Hartog

Artwork by Oxana Hartog


Confrontation | February #1

We might be overloaded with images and stories from conflicts that seem never-ending. We might want to disengage with the many opposing views and retreat into our own little bubble. To not see Trump’s speeches, to not hear the ideas of the other side - to stick to our own beliefs.

2016 has presented us with many changes in the political landscape and 2017 is already heading for a similar path. There seems to be fighting on all fronts: Brexit, Russia/Ukraine, Nationalism, hardening European elections, protests, women's marches and an ongoing refugee crisis. In such a political climate, it is easy to stop engaging with people who think differently from us. But that would be wrong. It is important to confront ourselves with different realities, because only through confrontation can we start to understand each other.

In this issue, we show a side of Europe that most of us have never known. Images of cars on fire, smoke rising from the streets and desperation in people’s eyes remind us of a distant past. Except it's happening right now. These images and stories are examples of little fires that have started to burn on the European continent, fueled by rising polarization and extremism. By being confronted with these images, we aim to show what happens when parts of the population feel like nobody is hearing them and they are forced to turn to more extreme measures. When other fundamentalists react to this with their own opposing views, everything turns black-and-white and there is no more space for dialogue to exist. 

We are young people who live in a Europe that has made many mistakes. Only by the means of confrontation can we start identifying these mistakes and learn from them.  

We hope you enjoy our first issue,

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