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"This referendum has discredited Spanish democracy"

This referendum has discredited Spanish democracy through a campaign based largely on pure demagoguery and manipulation of the feelings of the people. The 1-O has not only managed to fragment the Catalan society, but also threatens the unity of Spain. A nation that has been united since the writing of the Constitution after the death of the dictator, the greatest oppressor of the Catalan people, who forbade the use of a language that today is not only a right for the Catalans, but an obligation in Catalonia imposed by its leaders. An oppression of which the independentists speak as if they were the only ones who lived it, as if the rest of Spaniards did not have relatives, neighbours and friends who fled from the bombers, who hid in basements for years, who did not have a crumb of bread to put into their mouths, who disappeared and the last image they had was that of the rifle aimed at them against the firing wall.

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