Berlin Christopher Street Day 2017

What Does Pride Mean To You?



Christopher from Vienna:
“It was high time that we got equal rights, so I can finally choose not to marry.” 


Edgar and Robin:
“This pride is a political statement against the emerging right-wing extremism.”


Cynthia from Berlin:
“Berlin is the best place to love whoever you want to love. We love our community!”


Lukas from Germany:
“I’m waving my flag for a better Europe, so everyone can be queer everywhere.”

“The freedom in Berlin allowed me to grow so much personally, that this has become my home now.”


Andrej and Lukas from Slovenia, Connor from Canada. Andrej:
“The biggest challenge facing us today is anti-liberal sentiments crawling around the world. People think that if they are tolerant, something is taken away from them, which is just not the case."