Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We’re a non-profit media collective and foundation based in Brussels. In short, we report on the shifting nature of European identity through print and online stories. 

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We’re always looking for new storytellers to work with. Whether you film, write, illustrate, photograph, compose or make podcasts, we love creativity and originality. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear it.

For pitching opportunities, please check our open calls.

Are We Europe was founded by Marije Martens, Mick ter Reehorst, Ties Gijzel and Kyrill Hartog. They are the current board members of the Are We Europe Foundation, which is registered as an official non-profit foundation in the Netherlands.

Are We Europe is funded by tax-deductible donations, small grants and the revenue from sales, memberships and our sister company Awe Studio.

As a registered non-profit (ANBI), we also provide more information on our organisation and finances, go here.

Membership Questions

So, it’s quite simple. You can choose a “Club” or a “Print” membership:

  • With Club, you will get a newsletter with exclusive editorial insights every week, access to all of our past stories and magazines and opportunities to share with us your thoughts.
  • With Print, you get all the advantages of Club AND a print magazine delivered to your doorstep every two months! 

Members allow us to think sustainably: instead of relying on individual magazine sales and grants, we know you will be here for us in the years to come, and we can focus on making the best issues for you. 

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A few of our stories are available for free on our homepage, and the selection is updated monthly. You can also sign up for our newsletter. But if you want to regularly receive weekly stories in your mailbox and get unlimited access to all that we do, well…become a member.

We know that adding a membership to your monthly costs might be a lot. 

This is why you can send us an email at to get access to our free or reduced-price memberships. These memberships are made possible by our Solidarity members, and funders, who pay it forward (are you interested in paying forward a membership? Email us at

Anybody in the world can support Are We Europe 🙂 

Don’t worry—that’s just a welcome email. 

Steady is a membership platform we work with for the administrative side of our membership model. It’s similar to platforms like Patreon or even Kickstarter. Find us on Steady here to check our page or to log in to update your membership details.

You can easily reset your password on our membership platform Steady. After entering your email address, we’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password. Check your junk folder if you cannot find it. If you have any other issues, just email

You can login on Steady to change your membership details. To cancel, simply go to the My Memberships page and click “cancel plan”. We always appreciate feedback, so please email if you’d like to share the reason why.

Running an independent publication takes time and a lot of effort. A big part of our revenue goes to the diverse group of freelance contributors we work with. Another part goes to the wages of our (amazing) in-house team and the running costs of the company, such as rent, electricity and internet. We also pay for printing, delivery and production of our magazines. If you want more information, here is our Financial Report for 2021.