“Let’s set the table, raise our glasses and feast on these European food stories”

Why food? Well, it fits the season. As the end of the year approaches, the need for warm food and togetherness grows. But, perhaps more importantly, food is everywhere: from the family dinner table to the grand state dinners of diplomats; from junk food to urban farming in Madrid and Finland. From Michelin stars and molecular gastronomy to traditional family recipes.

Our seventh issue features stories about food with articles, photo series, videos and our first podcast.

Food connects and brings people together. Sharing a meal imparts inclusiveness and forms both traditional and new forms of cohesion. Take the rise of veganism across Europe, where like-minded people promote an alternative food culture. At the same time, food traditions can be closely linked with nationalistic attitudes and can create fraction across borders and groups.

The issue is divided up into three sections.
In Together We Feast we reflect on the ways food tells the story of changing European communities. This continent without its national and regional cuisines would be fundamentally incomplete. And yet as important as food is to many European identities, it has also been a force for change. That process continues today; the results are often delicious.

The second section From Soil to Store focuses on the economics of food and its production cycle. What, for example, are the effects of a copper mine in the mountains of south Macedonia to the country’s food production? And what’s up with Brexit and food on the British island?

Finally, My Food my Choice questions how traditions in food consumption and production structure the daily realities of Europeans today. Enjoy the (awkward) experience of eating in a nudist restaurant in Paris and the pictures of drunk-pub goers in the streets of London.

Whether you’re a cutting-edge carnivore or a vigorous vegan, we hope that this month’s mouth-watering mix of European storytelling encourages you to read, reflect, and eat.

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