From Soil to Store

From Soil to Store focuses on the economics of food and its production cycle. What, for example, are the effects of a copper mine in the mountains of south Macedonia to the country’s food production? And what’s up with Brexit and food on the British island?

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Know Thy Farmer

by Saga Norrby

"Our globalizing world largely favors huge, unaccountable corporations, but I have faith that we can do better than we are doing right now."

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The Golden Local Seeds

by Rubén Pulido

Consumers are more and more frequently wondering - often with concern - about the origin of the seeds from which all the picture perfect fruits and vegetables spring.

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The Fight for Our Time

by Viktorija Stojcheva

This is a story of how injustice, driven by greed and glorified by power, found its way to the most sacred place of all - people’s homes.

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Food Sovereignty in a Brexit Era

by Jacob van de Beeten

If the British were worried about what being in the EU was doing to their food sovereignty, they are now starting to worry what will happen when they leave.

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Can Food Save the Day?

by Tonina Alomar

3D-printed food, lab-grown meatballs: how technology can help us to combat animal cruelty and re-invent old practises.

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One Third

by Klaus Pichler

According to a UN study, one third of the world's food goes to waste - the largest part thereof in the industrialised nations of the global north.

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Food in the Hood

by Niya Shekerova

In big cities, many places provide and try to fake the atmosphere of a cosy simplicity, normally associated with the home.

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Food Waste Across Europe

by Estefanie Guzman

Europeans collectively waste an approximate 88 million tonnes of food per year. Initiatives like Taste Before You Waste are trying to turn to the tide...

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Fields for Food

by Bernd Walz

“In our western world, natural landscapes are shrinking - land used by industrial agriculture creates vast landscapes devoid of their natural biodiversity”.

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B is for Brexit (and Bratwurst)

by Ellyn van Valkengoed

What one Christmas market tells us about Europe

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Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

by Lukas Rapp

This was a golden rule for my grandmother when she prepared Sunday lunch. It took at least two hours, but it was a feast every time.

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by Christin Boggs

In Finland people live off the land, right in the city center.

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A Taste of Place

by Alec Jacobson

In Italy, they say that a dose of bitter can whet an appetite or settle a stomach

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The secret ingredients that bring Athenians together

by Petros Konstantinidis

We want to make these people feel like this place is their own, to give them the opportunity to do things they can't do in their daily life.

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Rethinking the way we source our food

by Justyna Krakowiak

An agrarian revolution from the heart of Poland

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