Guidelines for Contributors

As inhabitants of Europe, we are faced with the European Union as a monetary, political and governing body. Although we profit from dissolving borders, it seems we hardly feel united in this union. Or do we? To answer this question, Are We Europe (AWE) approaches Europe from a personal perspective. By enabling young Europeans to tell their story, AWE sheds light on what binds and distinguishes us, taking us a continuous exploration of what it means to be a European.

This approach allows AWE to oppose the often negative and politically flavoured reporting on Europe, presenting the world with in-depth, multimedia-fuelled, personal journalism on the EU topic. Based on set themes, aspiring journalists are stimulated to create, collaborate and become a part of the AWE community, with the hope that they eventually spread their wings and take AWE’s convictions with them to other news outlets.


What we are looking for

The idea is paramount, but sketch out how you plan to write the article (or shoot your photo-series / video), tell us what sources you are planning to use, and what conclusions you think you’ll draw. Also, why it’s relevant today for a wider European audience. Make us care.

What we are looking for in an article

  • Roughly 2000 words, but if you need more, tell us why

  • A strong point of view, but backed up by reasoned analysis, research, and reporting. That means you shouldn’t be afraid to get out there, find information and talk to people who can become relevant parts of the story!

  • Narrative story-telling ability. Hook us from the get-go and then craft an arc. Add richness to your piece with little bits of anecdote and detail that reveal something about the people and places that appear in your writing

  • Accepted formats: feature articles, essays, photo series, podcasts, videos, poems, and cartoons.

What we are not looking for

Things that are stilted and full of jargon better suited for academia (that doesn’t mean we don’t want smart, we do!)

Who you are writing for

Readers of AWE are people who are interested in personal stories about Europe, who want to learn from or be entertained by a different perspective then other news outlets provide.

Terms and conditions

Something about terms and conditions.