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Quality takes time. This year, we will be publishing four magazines and hope to give young journalists the time and financial resources to create in-depth, long-form contributions that fully capture the theme of each issue. Our first issue is online now: 
Silent (R)Evolutions.

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Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to help you tell it.  Storytellers is your stage – it is a community platform that runs on the power of unleashed creativity. Tell your story.

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The Are We Europe community is rapidly growing - online as well as offline. Organise an event with us, participate in one of our workshops, or host your own jam-sessions and music-screenings. Want to get going?

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Change often happens without much noise — gradually, unnoticed, or already forgotten. That’s why, in this first issue of AWE magazine, we shed light on the silent revolutions of the pastpresent and future: from the women’s march on Versailles, to a media revolution in Turkey, to a Danish island community spearheading sustainability.

Because the loudest revolutions are often silent.