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Silencing the Revolution

October 25, 1917 marked the beginning of more than seven decades of communist rule in the Soviet Union. On this day, known as the October Revolution, Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Imperial regime, radically changing the life-course of Russia and its empire.

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Breaking the Silence: The New Media Revolution in Turkey

87% percent of the world’s population lives in a country without a free press. Erdogan’s crackdown of the free press has grave implications for the rest of Europe. But Turkish journalists are fighting back — here’s how the media is using technology to reinvent itself in order to survive in one of the world's most press-hostile states.

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Power Without Glory: The Shadow Government

An éminence grise is a French expression meaning a shadow counsellor — a key influencer who acts with discretion and little personal accountability. History is full of examples of these éminences, yet considering the impact they have had and the millions of lives they have affected, they are rarely given the attention they deserve. They are silent revolutions incarnate.

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