mick ter reehorst | 25 | From the netherlands & living in amsterdam and paris

We try to do something special every year, like follow a theme or a particular type of food. My mother always knows what's up every year so she will suggest something we could make together. She considers people's particular - highly particular - taste preferences, while also making sure it’s (conscious cooking) and surprising.

After a democratic vote we all help to prepare the dinner during the days before Christmas. So I asked my family what recipe was important to us, and we all agreed on the Beef Wellington by Jamie Oliver. My mother commented: "We just love Slow Good Meat!".

My mom said that she and her sister used to do the same with her parents, and now with the next generation. Everyone participates with a dish, an idea or something on the side. You choose something that's special for you, or that was special for you that year. "You enjoy together! We make things fresh and we make it ourselves. We take our time." And I couldn't agree more with my mum - for me, that's what the holidays are about. Beef Wellington was also my grandfather's favourite. Anything that is wild game, but especially this. Scottish, Irish or Spanish meat with a twist.

"I'm already looking forward to this process again and can't wait for Christmas Day when we all gather around the table and people have to explain why they brought what they brought. It's always an awkward process during the first minutes, but in the end it brings everybody closer and makes them think about the food we have in front of us."