My Food, My Choice

 My Food my Choice questions how traditions in food consumption and production structure the daily realities of Europeans today. Enjoy the (awkward) experience of eating in a nudist restaurant in Paris and the pictures of drunk-pub goers in the streets of London.

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Stories about Food Culture in European families

by Elena Klaas

Young people from different parts of Europe tell us about their most beloved regional dish and how they view the Dutch food culture as compared to their own.

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What Drunk People Eat

by Christian Helgi-Baussier

It’s 2AM in the morning. You and your mates are drunk. What is your dream? A disgusting fat kebab dripping of fat and sauce, or maybe some oily fried chicken or unidentified bagel.

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Camembert & Dalí

by Marisa López

This story might be disappointing to those who spend hours and hours trying to resolve the mysteries that take place behind Dalí’s surrealist paintings, but give me time: even the smallest slice of cheese can inspire the highest philosophical theory.

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Burger Rants to Eating Plants

by Freek Ronner

I used to be a notorious carnivore. Burgers every week, nuggets all day and bacon on everything.
Somewhere deep down it didn’t sit right with me

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Voices of the Plant-Based Revolution

by Antonia Sehlstedt

In this photo essay you will meet the young vegan community of Europe and share in their experience of being vegan in their hometown and culture.

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King of Junk

by MarpLondon

Everyone is fascinated by bling-bling and sugar-coated items.

Let me introduce you to the junkies of modern food consumption.

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Strolling through history at the Marche d'Aligre

by Niya Shekerova

Smells like childhood in the season of the pumpkin pie

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Eating Dinner, Au Natural

by Alexander Hurst

The waiters, at least, would be clothed.  What I didn’t know was practically all the rest.

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A piece of meat in the chair, a piece of meat on the plate.
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Give Me Breakfast All Day Long

By Alexander Hurst

Or, how Paris learned to stop worrying about convention and love pancakes and bacon at night.

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by Lily Schim van der Loeff

Women drinking beer is still an anomaly. Women brewing beer even more so. Why did beer become a masculine pastime?

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