Us citydwellers are perpetually busy. But while we're busy squeezing ourselves through hordes of fellow commuters, checking our phones repeatedly for more information to saturate our brains with, we often fail to notice the city around us.

These photographers stand still in the moving crowd and capture the moment where the essence of the city reveals itself. They draw our attention to the archetypal architecture and the diversity of the neighborhoods. To the roads and bridges that allow transportation, or maybe just to the people in a restaurant or coffee shop. They all belong to this great mesh network that makes a city.

We asked urban photographers all over Europe to send us their photos and ideas inspired by their city.


Madalena (@Madmenezes), Lisbon

“My city is flooded with an amazing natural light, which always inspires me. Whether it’s a sunny day and all the facades are shiny or when the setting sun casts a dramatic shadow in the narrow streets, the light never leaves me indifferent to its many facets.”


Adam Sheath (@adamsheath), London


“The skyline of central London is ever-changing: a horizon that is filled with cranes, making way for the next modern high-rise.”


Uwa scholz (@uwa2000), Berlin


“I’ve always taken photos, but when I started Instagramming I started to see the city I grew up in with different eyes. Berlin is a place full of diversity. Very urban in some places and almost rural in others. The city itself changed a lot too after being reunited in 1990. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell where the wall once stood.”


Hugo Suíssas (@suissas), LISBON

@suissas 7.jpg

“Many people do not value what they have and always want what they do not have. But I look at Lisbon differently each day. And every day I discover a new corner, a new person, a different floor and a different view. Lisbon is, as they say here: small but good.”


Eugene (@eugeneone), Moscow


“In Moscow every neighborhood, whether in the center or in the suburbs, has its own face and atmosphere with unique differences and unusual contrasts. But they’re all connected by the Moscow Ring Railway, which allows people to travel around the city and experience the diversity of Moscow."


Phil (@pdy), AmsterdaM


“Having lived in Amsterdam for twelve years now, I try to capture the juxtaposition of a city that maintains an historical look, but is still a ‘modern’ and relevant city in 2017. The streets I shoot are still distinctively old, the people still ride their bikes, and the facades and canals are surviving urban development.”


Simon Larsen (@simonlarsen), Copenhagen


“I’m inspired by architecture, the city buzz, and - not to forget - the light in the mornings or evenings as the sun rises or sets. Over the last couple of years, more and more tourists come and Instagram my city. I really enjoy seeing an outsider's take on the city through his or her Instagram feed.”


Jess Angell (@missunderground), London

@missunderground 9.jpg

"I have always been in love with the architecture of the Underground, but there is something special about capturing busy spaces when they are empty, even for a second, before the next train comes in.

Like many other European cities, London has had its fair share of terrorist attacks, but the Underground does not stop. People still get on the tube every day to go to work and to go home. The spaces that I photograph look after these people and make sure they get to where they are going. They are the lifeblood of my city and they keep us going. The London Underground is a beautiful complex web of tunnels and spaces and I will never grow tired of taking photographs here."


Anita (@tejlgaard), Copenhagen


"The Copenhagen neighborhood Ørestad is a city within a city and a great example of how a city can develop and still define its boundaries by keeping nature close. It invites you to reflect on the city and it creates a connection to the past, to when no city had yet formed. It is an important reminder that a city is a constant product of past, present and future."

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