issue #3 | the New City | Index

Editorial | by are we europe

1. edges of Europeanness | tel aviv
by Julia Muller

Europe as a cultural entity has been redrawing its borders. The outline of Europe is being smudged gradually, and is slowly incorporating some of its neighboring regions. Julia writes about how in Tel Aviv, cultural tectonic plates rub against each other and the resulting friction functions as a bridge between Europe and the non-European world. Accompanied with great photos. Read more. 

2. A world without ads | Paris/GeneraL
by kyrill hartog

3. identity tHRough public art| kieV
by Julia Muller

4. the lines of the harbor city | RotterdaM
by Joris STolwijk

5. the warm side of the cold city | Frankfurt
by Joris stolwijk

6. Barcelona's sunny streets | Barcelona
by Niya Shekerova

7. Dating in the city | Paris/General
by rachel padilla

9. the afternoon light shines bright | PARIS
by mick ter Reehorst

10. alphaville | PARIS
by rémy SoubanÈre

11. A room of one's own | Paris
by Ingri Bergo & ElÉonore Voisard