by alex soloviev

So, Alex, who are you and why do you make these awesome videos?

I'm Alex Soloviev, I'm 35 and Russian. I'm based in Moscow. 

What's changing in your city?
Moscow city is currently changing and developing insanely fast. You won't see so many changes every year in any other city in Europe. It's a different world out there. I'm working on a video about Moscow, but it's a bit complicated in comparison with other cites to make it as smooth. I'll leave it at that.

How I look at the cities I visit? It's the people I see for the first time, the traditions, new angles of urban life when I visit the new location – these things are what inspire me to make a short film about it. My favorite city is Paris. I'm planning to go back there to film a 3D chapter about it. The spirit there, its architecture, contrast of people and districts. That's what I like there. But you might never know clearly why you want to back to some place. Try out Moscow, I would say!