Artistic Freedom

Photo:  Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash


Art and culture have always been used as tools for social transformation.

Over the years with the rise of populism around the world, many artists are using music, dance, theater and graffiti to encourage engagement in society, change mindsets and challenge norms and values.

Stella Toonen analyzes how museums play a role in saving democracy throughout Europe.

In heavily-censored Belarus, the country known as “Europe’s last dictatorship,” the Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) is a strong voice of dissent.

In Latvia, two architects are encouraging interaction among neighbors, and streamlining traffic, by re-designing public space.

Two musicians from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are challenging the north-south divide of their borders through music.

In Portugal, Alexandre Farto has reinvented graffiti by breaking walls, to uncover secrets from the country’s history.

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