Get up, stand up

Photo:  Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash


Over the past few years demonstrations against gender discrimination,
anti-abortion policies and sexist violence have become common all over
the world. Though many political parties oppose women’s rights, homosexuality, equal pay and legal abortion, people are determined to fight for the issues they
care about.

In Denmark, Emma Holten, a feisty teenager took revenge against revenge porn, and became one of Denmark's most prominent voices for consent and women’s rights.

In Italy, Homophobia is still a problem. But some LGBTQ organizations are trying to change that by challenging the right-wing nationalist movements in the country.

In Norway, 22 year-old pop culture icon Ulrikke Falch, uses her fame to spread messages about body positivity and gender equality.

In Poland, women have to pay about 4,000 zloty, or €930, for an illegal abortion, while doctors have the right to refuse the procedure. Marta Lempart, a Polish lawyer, is trying to change that.

Moreover, for the generation of Polish women who grew up under Communism, the right to abortion is self-evident. But recent efforts to tighten abortion laws enjoy widespread support among the population—particularly the youth.

In Spain, a country with a long tradition of machismo, a new feminist wave is being embraced.

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