“The Drums of Democracy” shortlisted for European Press Prize 2019


The Drums of Democracy, the first story in our Edges of Europe series, has been shortlisted for the European Press Prize (Innovation Award) alongside stories from journalists at Der Spiegel, Reuters, and the New York Times.

The multimedia story, which was produced using the story design sprint method, explores the state of democracy in Moldova. As the fastest shrinking country in Europe, Moldova’s future is quite literally at stake. But, while youth should clearly be a priority, chronic corruption and a faltering economy block most reforms. Pulled to either the EU or Russia by better job prospects, young Moldovans thus find themselves at a crossroads: should they stay or should they go?

The Edges of Europe series aims to uncover personal stories and insights from forgotten regions at Europe’s borders by taking a collaborative approach with a local multidisciplinary team. Together, they will create interactive and immersive multimedia stories from each compass point in Europe. The next Edges of Europe story will be produced in Greece and is supported by Dare To Be Grey.

The Drums of Democracy was produced by: Ramin Mazur, Ion Donica, Cătălina Dumbrăveanu, Victoria Colesnic, Maikel Botterman, Eugen Papen, Ties Gijzel, Mick ter Reehorst, Kyrill Hartog and Marije Martens.