How does Europe do tech differently?


Technology is taking over! Or is it? Our latest issue finds out whether Europe can do tech the right way.

What is 'good' innovation? How can we solve tech's diversity problem, offer safety nets to freelancers, use drones for biodiversity, and make facial recognition software less racist? Those are just some of the 20+ topics that our latest issue tackles.

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Why this theme?

Because technology is not neutral; behind the apparent mathematical accuracy of algorithms lies an all too familiar, human reality—that of bias and error. It is easy to forget that the modern software industry has come of age in a specific place, with its own history and way of seeing the world. Like any product, technology is shaped by the values, incentives, and culture of the humans who create it.

So how could and should Europe innovate in a world governed by algorithms and big bad tech? We'll have to find a way to combine innovation with freedom, justice, and individual rights. A tall order indeed—but a necessary one.

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