Participate in our UPCOMING issue on EUROPEAN FOOD CULTURE

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After beautiful, but more serious issues such as Confrontation, Nostalgia & Homeless
we felt it was time to celebrate the end of the year with a theme everyone loves: FOOD.


Think of ways that food and the customs and practices around it might help you reflect on Europeanness. Possible themes could be:

Migration & Ethnicity: How does food tell the story of a changing population in Europe?

Alternative lifestyles: How do different emerging food cultures show us either a globalizing tendency in Europe, or a return to the traditional/national?

Food entrepreneurship / The food production cycle: The economics of food. How is food produced in Europe and what does that say about us and our position in the world?

Gender and Food: How do traditions in food consumption and production show us the daily realities of gendered issues?

Food & Religion | Coffee & Beer | New Food Trends | Regional Dishes & Identity | Cities v. Rural | Gentrification | Food Waste | Food Production | Veganism | Environment | European Food | Food Photography

You name it. We'll eat up your ideas.

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