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#6: Losing Our Religion?

The magazine is looking for feature pieces (2000+ words) on religion in Europe.

Pitch Deadline: September 15, 2019

For the thousands of years that homo sapiens have existed on planet earth, religion of some sort, be it animistic, polytheistic, or monotheistic, has been an integral part of human societies. It has shaped identity, helped people deal with the biggest questions that remain unanswered about who we are, the meaning of life, what happens after death, and has given people purpose in their lives. Certainly, the historical importance of Christianity to Europe has been inseparable from the continent’s social and political development.

But human society is now undergoing a profound experiment, perhaps most significantly underway in Europe. In most of Western Europe, the majority of respondents say they “never” go to church, a significant number consider that a higher power of some sort is of little importance to daily life, and a growing number identify as atheists. On the other hand, Islam in Europe is blooming, spirituality and New Ageism have become marketable and a new wave of conservative politicians reflect a popular need for tradition and stability.

What happens when we lose our religion and God is declared Dead? This issue seeks to find out, by telling the stories of believers and non-believers, both old and young: missionaries, passionate atheists, those who have replaced traditional religion with meditation, yoga and spiritual practices, those who find the comfort of identity in their Judaism, Christianity, or Muslim heritage, among others. And those who simply don’t really care, propping up questions about life after death, national identity, art and war in the name of religion, and plain old everyday life.

So, has our continent become disenchanted—cut off from the supernatural that seems to pop up everywhere but here?

We are looking for creativity and originality, and as always, a place for Europe at the heart of whatever it is you want to talk about. We are interested in the current place of religion (not the future, per se), with a focus on real reporting.

Food for thought

Here are some suggestions for possible angles / stories, though feel free to think outside the box!

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The idea is paramount, but sketch out how you plan to write the article (or shoot your photo-series / video), tell us what sources you are planning to use, and what conclusions you think you’ll draw. Also, why it’s relevant today for a wider European audience. Make us care.

The 5 W's in good journalism
1. Who are the actors? Individuals, institutions, social groups, political parties, economic actors etc.

2. What are the facts?

3. When are the facts happening?

4. Where are the facts happening?

5. Why are the facts happening? Causes (internal causes/ external causes; political, social causes, etc.

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