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#5: The Future of Tech / Work

The magazine is looking for feature pieces (2000+ words) looking out at the horizon of innovation, and taking on the angle "can Europe lead the way to responsible tech?"

From AI to big data, to gene manipulation, to augmented reality glasses, what technology is going to impose giant impacts on the way we work, live, govern our societies and relate to each other ten, twenty, and thirty years from now? And how should we act today to make sure that its ultimate impact is positive?

We want creativity and originality, and as always, a place for Europe at the heart of whatever it is you want to talk about.

Rate: EUR 100

We already have the following topic areas covered, so please don’t pitch us anything similar!

  • AI and racism

  • Non-graphic codes

  • Tech-fueled laziness

  • Cryptography

  • Towards the first algorithm regulator?

Send your pitches to


How to pitch?

Send us an e-mail at or fill in the form below:

What we’re looking for in a pitch

The idea is paramount, but sketch out how you plan to write the article (or shoot your photo-series / video), tell us what sources you are planning to use, and what conclusions you think you’ll draw. Also, why it’s relevant today for a wider European audience. Make us care.

The 5 W's in good journalism
1. Who are the actors? Individuals, institutions, social groups, political parties, economic actors etc.

2. What are the facts?

3. When are the facts happening?

4. Where are the facts happening?

5. Why are the facts happening? Causes (internal causes/ external causes; political, social causes, etc.

About the Magazine

Are We Europe is a quarterly publication. For each issue, we will commission articles and photo series from the best young journalists in Europe. The focus is on in-depth, long-form journalism that captures the theme of each issue. We’re not interested in hard news, but rather in original and well-researched background stories that shed light on the most important issues in Europe today.

All published content will be remunerated.