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Everything used to be better back in the old days, right?
Before social media, before Trump, before climate change, before Instagram, before the Euro and the European Union, before the Internet's rough sides and Uber's sexist work environment. 
Everything was better when we had Pokémon, when we could play with our Lego and not think about the planet's troubles, when we listened to the Backstreet Boys on our Walkman, when football wasn't spoiled by big money and we could think about how everything was better in the old days without feeling shitty about today.

And not to forget: political nostalgia - the recent rise of nationalism in the shape of Trump, Brexit, Le Pen and Wilders feeds off of Nostalgia.  Were people happier in Soviet times? Less stressed? Were Europeans surer of their national identity when we still had borders and Europe was less globalized?

Do you feel nostalgic about anything, or want to comment on the concept? 
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