#4: Special Elections Issue

Who are the movers and shakers that are shaping the future of European democracy? While the newspapers focus on “Macron vs. Salvini” and the role of populism in the future of Europe, there’s a lot at stake these elections—much more than the political theatre shows. We see a rise of new political parties and movements and the first election in decades without the British. Russia and the United States are increasingly threatening on both sides, ensuring that neighboring countries are holding their breath as well. So many threads are crisscrossing in the European elections happening this May, and Europe—and the world—will be watching closely to see what unfolds in this action-filled thriller of an election season.

Are We Europe is publishing a special issue on Civil Democracy to coincide with all of this. And we need your help to do it.

We want to look beyond Spitzenkandidaten, MEPs, campaign posters and parliamentary groups. Instead, we want to focus on the people who are working in the “real Europe,” in the shadow of the political theater of Brussels and national parliaments.

The core of this issue will put the spotlight on the movers & shakers of European democracy; the people who are working just behind the facade of European politics. Not the politicians, but the activists, civil society actors, influential thinkers, and organizations and initiatives aimed at strengthening European democracy. And we want to cover something unique happening in at least every one of the E.U.’s 27 member states. And possibly beyond.

Because of our partnership with the Prove Them Wrong campaign,, we want to highlight young Europeans who show that Europe doesn’t only belong to (old) white men in suits. Who take the future in their own hands. We want to portray the people showing us that Europe should be, and is, shaped by a new generation. Who are the people that “prove them wrong” when they say that Europe doesn’t belong to us?

Send your story ideas to by February 14th.
First draft deadline, depending on length, will be at the end of March.


How to pitch?

Send us an e-mail at or fill in the form below:

What we’re looking for in a pitch

The idea is paramount, but sketch out how you plan to write the article (or shoot your photo-series / video), tell us what sources you are planning to use, and what conclusions you think you’ll draw. Also, why it’s relevant today for a wider European audience. Make us care.

What we’re looking for in an article this time

As we aim to make this a highly visual and actionable issue, both online and in print, we are also looking for visual, graphic and multimedia contributions, in addition to (relatively) short on-point written contributions.

  • short profiles of/interviews with inspiring Europeans working on the frontlines of European democracy (approx. 750 words)

  • analytical think-piece on one of the most important electoral themes in Europe (approx. 1500 words)

  • graphic explanations / infographics / maps

  • cartoons and illustrations

  • explanation boxes (policies/concepts/institutions/processes etc) of <50 words

We’re also especially looking for pitches for

  • podcasts

  • mini-documentaries

  • photo series

There’s a higher budget available for all these productions

Be unique, be original. We want to first scratch the surface of European civil democracy and deep-dive into it right after.

All contributions included in the print issue will be remunerated in varying degree depending on length, with the opportunity to extend this to special online-only contributions. Again, there’s a lot of budget available for special long-form productions (podcasts / photoseries / mini-documentaries / essays).

We will also have room for short profiles on political parties, the “New Kids on the Block,” such as Volt and European Spring or Generation Identitaire.

To sum up:

  • Accepted formats: short profiles, feature articles, longer essays, photo series, podcasts, videos, poems, and cartoons.

    ** We get particularly excited about interviews with outstanding people, and infographics / data-journalism.**

  • We’re not looking for anything that consists of only your opinion or that’s too academic

About the Magazine

Are We Europe is a quarterly publication. For each issue, we will commission articles and photo series from the best young journalists in Europe. The focus is on in-depth, long-form journalism that captures the theme of each issue. We’re not interested in hard news, but rather in original and well-researched background stories that shed light on the most important issues in Europe today.

All published content will be remunerated.