Nordic Remix

A blend of traditional music, creating the sound of tomorrow.


A project by artic sounds & are we europe

Europe is increasingly moving towards a common, globalized identity with blurred national borders and new access to a wide range of cultural diversity. This also means that new issues concerning national and cultural identities are being discovered. Europe becomes more and more mixed because of migration. Places of cultural heritage change or disappear. How does this affect traditions and Europe’s cultural heritage?

In this project, 4 different Nordic musicians from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Greenland will meet in Greenland in early April 2020 at the festival Arctic sounds. They will start a collaboration before the festival's launch during 'NORDIC PLAYGROUND' by participating in a 5 day program of inspiration & co-writing to compose songs based on combining, developing, strengthening and preserving the group participants' different cultural expressions.

The traditions and heritage are based on the question 'How can you make innovative songs by mixing traditional sounds, while keep doing justice to the traditional origins? With Europe's growing right-wing extremism, polarization and marginalization of social groups, we consider it important to find new ways of working together to combine and lift each other's cultural differences and similarities. We believe in art as a force for change - combining cultural traditions through music is a powerful way of highlighting major, international issues that can create a special level of empathy and understanding for each other.

The process of collaboration and the artists' own stories will be documented through photo and video, physical and digital articles created by a assembled Nordic team consisting of young, professional in the media industry from Sweden, Norway, Iceland & Greenland.

Furthermore, during the festival's launch, the artists will be given the opportunity to perform with it
common, newly written material, as well as with its own material. The result will be a website with stories of participating artists, illustrations by the artists, live sessions and recorded versions of the compositions that will be widely available on all relevant music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Apple music etc.

Collaborating organizations for the project are Brussels-based media collective Are We Europe and the Greenland-based festival Arctic Sounds.