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Nostalgia is having a comeback. That much became clear when we asked our European Storytellers to tackle the theme Nostalgia

The result? A colourful patchwork of stories from all corners of our continent, which we divided into:

1. Political nostalgia | we found that many Europeans today are still nostalgic about commun/social-ism

Remember when, not so long ago, the Soviet Union collapsed and all those Eastern European countries adopted a free market economy and a democratic system of government? And remember how lots of them then joined the EU? Turns out there’s a lot of people who miss life under Socialism and Communism. We received stories from Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine and even Transnistria (which isn’t officially a country!) that each explore a different aspect of life in the Former Soviet Union and explain how people deal with their own conflicted histories. How come hipsters in Kiev are urging the government to preserve Soviet buildings? Also: what was so good about the 1980s in Greece? And what is it exactly that residents of East Berlin miss about life before the fall of the Wall? Explore our issue to find out.

2. Cultural nostalgia | we found that many of our trends and tastes draw on the past for inspiration

Nostalgia isn’t only political. We can’t underestimate the impact of history on our sense of fashion, taste in music, holiday preferences and even how we choose to use technology. For instance: remember Star Wars and Blade Runner? Turns out that they inspired a whole generation of tech entrepreneurs to invest billions into exploring the Final Frontier. Or how about the idea that our collective obsession with taking selfies and sharing them with the world comes not just from a place of narcissism, but might be more deeply connected to our fear of death and our need to reinvent ourselves? Similarly, however much we travel, we are often much more connected to where we grew up than we’d like to admit.