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The Applied Nostalgia project mirrored two photographers against each other per year. One would go to Belgrade and find things that reminded him or her of their home town, and the other would go to the capital of the country holding the European Council's presidency that year. All within the theme of Nostalgia. The project is going through its 10 year anniversary this year and we asked these photographers about their favorite nostalgic photos.

from Malta // photographed Belgrade

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“I feel that this image in particular encapsulates the similarities between the cities.

The image is one of a dynamic and forward-thinking city that, whilst embracing its cultural identity and indeed its past history, is still a city that looks to the future with optimism. 

The moving bus could be interpreted as symptomatic of modern Maltese life: the fast paced city life and traffic have become a common feature on the local landscape. Set to a background of rich architecture and elements of modernity that intertwine to form a narrative common to both cities.”

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from Serbia // photographed Amsterdam 

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“My favorite photo from Amsterdam is the one of the eastern docks where many boats can be seen in the water with the old city in the background. Even though the weather wasn't so nice and the air was not clear, this image has very a interesting atmosphere with blueish cold tones and many warm spots from boats and city lights. Even during those cold days you feel some warmness in Amsterdam.”

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 “Belgrade and Amsterdam are two different cities in many ways. Amsterdam's architecture is very different and there are no big contrasts between various parts of the city. Belgrade, at the other hand is full of contrasts. But in some way, you can feel like you are at home in either of these capitals. There are those situations where people become connected with each other especially in those cities that are full of tourists. Borders don't exists in those situations. There are just people who are happy and who feel that they are international citizens. I had that feeling on Dam Square where I took the photo of young people feeding pigeons.”

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from Slovakia // photographed Belgrade


"I like the photo of the woman feeding swans on the Danube river bank, which is quite similar to Bratislava and its lakes"


The bridge going through the picture with a church in background. It's not that special, and you can take this photo in Bratislava too and some people can have problems recognizing which city it is."


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from Serbia// photographed Bratislava

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"It has always been hard for me to pick favorites when it comes to my work. It was not an easy job editing all the work I brought back from Bratislava. I think that my favorite photo is the one of the young couple enjoying a cigarette break while sitting on a fountain. Their laughing, relaxing, faces, seemingly without a worry in the world, while the two older women passing in front of them seem to be concerned about something. The way it usually is, we fail to notice many life troubles while we are younger.


Looking at my gallery I had to stop at a few photographs because I was not sure if it was from Belgrade or Bratislava. I would have to say that the photos with the bridges in them show the most similarities. Both Bratislava and Belgrade have rivers passing through the center. The Danube is covered in bridges in Bratislava, while in Belgrade the Sava river has more overpasses, but very similar to the ones in Bratislava. This is what I like about these cities."

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by Mick ter reehorst

Current location:&nbsp; Paris   "Europe is so much more than the EU. We try to show that with this magazine. We try to bring the stories of young and creative Europeans to the limelight. Boom."     Twitter &nbsp;//  Instagram

Current location: Paris

"Europe is so much more than the EU. We try to show that with this magazine. We try to bring the stories of young and creative Europeans to the limelight. Boom."

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