Are We Europe #4
Special Elections Issue

Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? These questions aren’t just about life, the universe, and everything (the meaning of all that is, of course, 42, by the way)—they are also about Europe.

Until the rise of the nation-state, identity in Europe didn’t used to be based primarily on territory. With the advent of nationalism, the question “who is the nation?” began to dominate politics, both openly and underneath the surface. Recently, it’s a question that has once again surged to the forefront because of the rise of global migration, and—in the European context in particular—the economic and political unification of a (borderless) continent.

Our next issue, themed around identity and movement, seeks to explore the impact that the flux of peoples has had, and will continue to have on Europe. From the possibility of having multiple identities, to the Jewish experience, to the reason why so many Bangladeshi immigrants are line cooks in Paris kitchens, to those dreaded questions (what are you? and where are you from?) we want to know how immigration and emigration are affecting what it means to be European.

As always, take these examples as a starting point and pitch us your most original political, social, and cultural takes on the intersection of two of the biggest issues facing Europe today.

Send your story ideas to by 15th October. First draft deadline: 10th November 

This call for submissions is closed. Our next call for submissions opens in January 2019. Subscribe below to receive all upcoming calls for submissions.


About the Magazine

Are We Europe is a quarterly publication. For each issue, we will commission articles and photo series from the best young journalists in Europe. The focus is on in-depth, long-form journalism that captures the theme of each issue. We’re not interested in hard news, but rather in original and well-researched background stories that shed light on the most important issues in Europe today.

All published content will be remunerated.

How to pitch?

Send us an e-mail at or fill in the form below:

What we’re looking for in a pitch

The idea is paramount, but sketch out how you plan to write the article (or shoot your photo-series / video), tell us what sources you are planning to use, and what conclusions you think you’ll draw. Also, why it’s relevant today for a wider European audience. Make us care.

What we’re looking for in an article

We want your sharp, angled, well-reported takes on identity and immigration for our next issue. That means:

  • Roughly 2000 words, but if you need more, tell us why

  • A strong point of view, but backed up by reasoned analysis, research, and reporting. That means you shouldn’t be afraid to get out there, find information and talk to people who can become relevant parts of the story!

  • Narrative story-telling ability. Hook us from the get-go and then craft an arc. Add richness to your piece with little bits of anecdote and detail that reveal something about the people and places that appear in your writing

  • Accepted formats: feature articles, essays, photo series, podcasts, videos, poems, and cartoons.

    ** In addition, we get particularly excited about interviews with outstanding people, and infographics / data-journalism.**

What we’re not looking for

  • Anything that consists of only your opinion

  • Things that are stilted and full of jargon better suited for academia (that doesn’t mean we don’t want smart, we do!)

To guide you in your quest, here’s a small sample of writing we like in a few different styles: