We believe in a mix between text, photo and video.
Here you will find photo-series by the Are We Europe network

Sadia Rao - L'Existrans

Sadia Rao took photos of an LGBTQ+ protest march in Paris last October. The results are intimate, personal and strident photos of a demonstration fighting for more rights in one of the world's most developed countries.
You can find more of her work here.

Campbell Kenny - Group Project by Group

Projects in Germany and Czech Republic sponsored by EU subsidies -

Campbell Kenny traveled through Europe to capture projects that are subsidized by the European Union. Can you detect something they have in common?
Click here for Campbell's introduction


Ignacio Evangelista - After Schengen

Ignacio Evangelista captured a photo series around Europe's old border crossings.

The "After Schengen" series shows obsolete border crossing points between different states in the European Union. Since the Schengen agreement, most of these old checkpoints remain abandoned and out of service. They allow us to gaze into the past from the borderless present. 

All photos are property of Ignacio Evangelista - please check his website for more information.