Joost Vandecasteele and Giuseppe Porcaro Imagine a future where the Capital of the European Union moves to Budapest, leaving Brussels with a wasteland of empty offices which will be re-used in a very peculiar way.

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Joost Vandecasteele is a Belgium writer and author of books like Massa, Jungle and Bella
his debut short story collection was made into a television series called Generation B. He is working currently on a new book, game and film

Giuseppe Porcaro is the author of DISCO SOUR, a novel about Europe and democracy in the age of algorithms, among the winners of the Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outrech of the European Union in 2018. Giuseppe is interested in how the intersection between technology and politics is moving towards uncharted territories in the future. He also focuses on narrative-building and political representations in the European Union. He works as the head of communications for Bruegel.