Europe: 2064


In 1964 Asimov wrote a piece for the New York Times, after visiting New York’s World Fair, where he wondered what life would have been like in 2014. And when describing the world in 50 years, he got right quite a lot of stuff, from the development of computers, to transportation, and demographics. Inspired by this, Giuseppe Porcaro and Loranne Vella imagined a fictional Europe in 2064. 

What will that version of Europe's future look like?

Loranne Vella is a Maltese writer, translator and performer. She co-wrote the three volumes of the Fiddien Trilogy with Simon Bartolo. Each of the three volumes won the National Book Prize in Malta. In 2012, her novel Magna Mater won 2nd prize in the category for young adults. She lives in Brussels where she also directs the interdisciplinary performance art group Barumbara Collective. Rokit, her latest novel, was published to critical and public acclaim in March 2017, and won the Maltese National Book Prize in 2018. 

Giuseppe Porcaro is the author of DISCO SOUR, a novel about Europe and democracy in the age of algorithms, among the winners of the Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outrech of the European Union in 2018. Giuseppe is interested in how the intersection between technology and politics is moving towards uncharted territories in the future. He also focuses on narrative-building and political representations in the European Union. He works as the head of communications for Bruegel.