#13 Designing (for) Humans


From ear plugs to bike lanes, sex toys to post-war reconstruction, the stories in magazine illustrate how the potential of design depends on people—both those behind it, and those interacting with it.

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#13 Designing (for) Humans

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Binding: Stapled binding
Released: 24 February 2022
Pages: 80
Dimensions (cm): 17 x 24

Featured stories

  • Memories of Mostar

  • Instagram’s nostalgia for socialist East German #plattenbauromantik

  • How to create a sex toy

Photoseries and visual essays

  • Dress to express

  • Viewing Malta through windows

  • The benefits of bike lanes | infographic

Materials & shipping

  • Are We Europe magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper with a stapled binding

  • Our magazines are shipped from OML’s distribution centre in Berlin

  • 80 pages, 17×24 cm


#13 Designing (for) Humans