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A Recipe for Travelling Back In Time

Many of my happiest childhood memories are connected to food. I’m not much of a cook, but man do I like to eat! My dad is a chef, and he comes from Algeria, a country where food and family go hand in hand. Now that I am living in the Netherlands, the home country of my mother, I am learning that food and memory are closely linked, especially if you live far away from the people you love. 

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AWE Documentary | A Seat at my Table

Joe, Heather and Josie set out to make a documentary where they would explore the notion of art as an expression of identity and cultural heritage. And so they were put in touch with Afreena Islam - a playwright from Manchester who, in her current show Daughters of the Curry Revolution, tells stories about food, her Bangladeshi father and her relationship with him.

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A Recipe for my Grandmother’s Mousse Au Chocolat

To prepare, you must have in your head the history of our family,
generations of Jews who have moved across Europe
with a changing name and changing numbers—
this recipe does not come from them.
This recipe comes from the back of a chocolate bar wrapper,
but there must be some reason that I burn the chocolate every time
I try to prepare it,
I have not spent enough of my life in exodu
o make up for a childhood spent in Christian-washed absolute atheism.

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Beyond the stereotypical Chinese food culture in Copenhagen

For a small nation, Denmark has quite a global offering of late-night snacks. Around 2am, when the Danes in Copenhagen stream out of humid bars, some opt a hot dog or kebab joint, and others head to the wide selection of colorful neon stands offering Chinese fast food - or, rather, Westernized Chinese food: chow mein, orange chicken, and fried rice, doled out in generous portions.

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