The Music Festival Reviving the Italian South


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Photos by Alexander Durie

Photos by Alexander Durie


Hidden between the olive trees of the Apulian fields, the Mundi Festival in Southern Italy brings an eclectic selection of events for people of all ages. Taking place in a medieval castle built in the 12th century, the festival hosts conferences on philanthropy and ecology during the day, while the nights are taken over by bands, DJs and sparkling neon lights.


MUNDI is a new, exciting and multidisciplinary festival that took place from May 31st to June 2nd this year, in a small town called Sannicandro di Bari, in the picturesque region of Puglia, in Southern Italy. Combining music, art, cinema and workshops that focus on innovation and collaboration, it is a local festival with global ambitions. What makes it special is the atmosphere it creates and the communal vibe it invokes, making its attendees, artists and volunteers feel like they belong to one family.

MUNDI was created by a group of young Apulian creatives with no prior experience in event or project management. They were just eager to create events and opportunities that would showcase their region’s true identity and potential. “We want MUNDI to favour the birth of a new narrative for the South as a place that enables engaging conversations, hospitality and innovation,” said Federico Zonno, the artistic director of MUNDI.

The festival takes place inside the Castle of Sannicandro di Bari—a structure which dates backs to the 12th century. The 2019 edition hosted both local and international artists playing music that ranged from Italian electronica and London jazz, to Nigerien Tuareg. Notable musical highlights came from Kel Assouf, Colapesce, Sibson and Princess Fatima.

The festival is a non-profit event with no attendance fee. All its revenue is donated to Meridians Onlus, a local non-profit organisation with an ongoing charity project in Uganda, where they are building a medical school and healthcare centre.