Give Me Breakfast All Day Long

Or, how Paris learned to stop worrying about convention and love pancakes and bacon at night. 

©Ted Eytan, 2013

©Ted Eytan, 2013


With the second highest number of McDonald's per capita, France has tended to look upon American cuisine with a mix of disdain and fascination. Except for one thing, which many will readily admit that Americans do well: breakfast.

This is the story of how Craig Carlson started an American diner in Paris, broke out of the confines of morning and converted his patrons to breakfast at any hour. 

ALEXANDER HURST is a journalist for FRANCE 24, and has written for the New RepublicThe Daily Beast, India's The Caravan, and elsewhere. On his way from the US to Paris, he took a year-long pause in Chad, where he learned how to bucket shower and peel mangos the right way. Now he's on a mission to become a real European. 

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