Good Things Are Worth Waiting For




The German saying 'gut Ding will Weile haben' implies that good things are worth waiting for.

But are they?


This was a golden rule for my grandmother when she prepared Sunday lunch. It took at least two hours, but it was a feast every time. We used to rotate every Sunday; each time one family member put a lot of effort in cooking a great meal, even if three hours of preparation was eaten in 15 just minutes. As time passed by, my grandfather died, I moved to another city, and the tradition has become extinct.

What happened in our family as a result of getting older and moving forwards seems to be a general trend in our society, but then for other reasons. We don't take the time to eat and enjoy, we give ourselves five minutes to finish breakfast, or we even skip it.  We buy our lunch at the nearby fast food store, and order in pizza as our supper. We work longer and often eat all three meals in our office. Most young people don't know how to cook properly, even though the younger generation seems more aware of what they eat.

What do you think, are good things worth waiting for?