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The Dawn of Justice: Neo-Nazis on Trial in Greece

Monitoring the trial of 18 members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is an integral part of Golden Dawn Watch's work. To gain the public's trust, they make sure that every word of testimony and every piece of forensic evidence is not just live-streamed, but logged and summarized for the Greek public.

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So Close, Yet So Far: Mesut Özil, #MeTwo and the Fight for Belonging in Germany

Mesut Özil’s resignation from the German national football team sparked the #MeTwo movement in Germany, which campaigns for the rights of immigrants in the country. But has it helped the country reconcile itself with multiculturalism?

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Ilmastoveivi2019: Can Finland Lead the Way in EU Climate Policy?

Finland will get an opportunity to influence European politics when it holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union from July to December 2019. What does this mean for climate change policies? Laura Kolehmainen, a Finnish climate advocate, wants the presidency to revise the EU 2030 and 2050 targets for emission cuts.

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