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Power Without Glory: The Shadow Government

An éminence grise is a French expression meaning a shadow counsellor — a key influencer who acts with discretion and little personal accountability. History is full of examples of these éminences, yet considering the impact they have had and the millions of lives they have affected, they are rarely given the attention they deserve. They are silent revolutions incarnate.

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A Recipe for my Grandmother’s Mousse Au Chocolat

To prepare, you must have in your head the history of our family,
generations of Jews who have moved across Europe
with a changing name and changing numbers—
this recipe does not come from them.
This recipe comes from the back of a chocolate bar wrapper,
but there must be some reason that I burn the chocolate every time
I try to prepare it,
I have not spent enough of my life in exodu
o make up for a childhood spent in Christian-washed absolute atheism.

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