Story Design Sprint


AWE creates unique multimedia stories using the Story Design Sprint. We’d love to do the same for you.


We created the Story Design Sprint (SDS) from a burning desire to discover unique stories at the underreported edges of Europe and turn them into digital multimedia products. It’s an adaptation of Google’s startup methodology, but applied to content creation. Our SDS is trimmed and tailored to produce high-quality multimedia stories on-site in the shortest possible time-frame. By consistently working according to the sprint framework, we create a near-publishable MVP in just 7 to 10 days.

We create engaging stories

By working with highly professional, international and interdisciplinary teams, and by applying design thinking to our storytelling, we guarantee our stories will serve their audience long before they’re actually published. It sounds obvious, yet too many organizations and media outlets today still think of stories from behind their desks; stories that don’t go beyond a rehash of the inverted pyramid.

In our Story Design Sprint (SDS), we iterate and test our stories by including input from our audience and external experts from the very start of the story.

Lightning-speed: a story in just 7 - 10 days

The production of a high-quality multimedia story normally takes months; with the SDS this process is cut down to just 7 - 10 days. This way, creating impactful multimedia stories becomes much more affordable.

All over Europe, with local talent

At our core, we believe that the combination of inside and outside perspectives creates the best stories in terms of design, knowledge and access. That’s why AWE’s editorial team works closely together with its community of 500+ European storytellers. Name any European country, and we can assemble a custom SDS-team for you. We use design-thinking methods to produce stories on-site at lightning speed, with professional teams consisting of local talent and local partner organizations.


The Moldova Case

AWE travels to the edges of Europe to create a multimedia story with local talent. This time we take you to Moldova, where a movement of young activists fights for democracy and a better future.

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How your organisation benefits from Story Design Sprints

  • Reach a younger audience; AWE verifies a story and presents it in a compelling, digital and interactive way.

  • Creative thinking combined with logic thinking. With SDS you allow creative expertise to flow within the boundaries of the Sprint process

  • Outside-in approach. Organizations are encouraged to provide a theme and/or location. The story, however, will for a large part be determined on-site.

  • Custom teams led by SDS-experts (Facilitators-in-Chief)

  • Cost-efficiency. Short production-to-launch time (max. 10 days to near-publishable MVP)

  • You support a generation of young Europeans to collaborate and explore the future of storytelling.