Together We Feast

In Together We Feast we reflect on the ways food tells the story of changing European communities. This continent without its national and regional cuisines would be fundamentally incomplete. And yet as important as food is to many European identities, it has also been a force of change.

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A Seat at my Table


In our days filming and spending time with Afreena, it was not only art and performance which she revealed to be integral to her self, but also food.

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Villa a Sesta: Food & Community in Tuscany

by Sion Marshall Waters

In Villa a Sesta, however, food is as much about community interaction as the consumption

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Sufganiyah: the ultimate Hannukkah treat

by Deborah Asseraf

What could a donut possibly have to do with this ancient history, you might ask...

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Father's daugther

by Natalia Smolentcova

"She introduced to me her dream project — to republish her father’s recipe book.”

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Mi Casa es tu Casa

by MarpLondon

"Food is a storyteller. Food connects us. Food gives us a sense of community."

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Is This Paris?

A visual journey through an ethnic supermarket

Every month, he makes the 30 minute-drive to take his mum shopping to VS CO Cash and Carry.

Oxford's Food Trucks

by Noe Michalon

It’s the middle of the night, and most of the silhouettes one can barely see in the darkness are lamely converging at the same points: foodtrucks."

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Every weekend, two worlds collide


The Krainer Sausage Saga

by David Mountain

Just a few years ago this simple sausage sparked an international food fight that threatened to engulf Central Europe.

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What European Cuisines Can Learn From Mexico

by Konstantin Zell

Mexicans are incredibly proud of their food. A new friend, a casual acquaintance, my university professor – literally everyone wants to know what I have tasted so far and what I think about it. 

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Beyond the stereotypical Chinese food culture in Copenhagen

by Wendy Wei

Since many Danes’ only experience of Chinese food is likely to be this deep-fried, late-night fare, I wonder how the Chinese and Chinese-Danes are perceived in Denmark?

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Recipe for traveling back in time

by Zahia Siab

Many of my happiest childhood memories are connected to food.

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Can The Modern Coffeeshop Honor The Traditional Café?

by Pauline Herbert-Whiting

Flipping the tables on coffee culture in Paris doesn't have to mean forsaking a sense of place for the sense of taste.

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Alcohol Culture

by Anton Moggre

The relative absence of beer and wine is one of the starkest differences in my everyday life in the Middle East.

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I don’t want to portray myself as a fanatic alcoholic, but the relative absence of beer and wine is one of the starkest differences to my everyday life in the Middle East.

Pizza Diplomacy

by Viola Serena Stefanello

How Italy claimed its culinary heritage back in the era of Dominos and Pizza Hut.

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