Artwork by  Oxana Hartog

Artwork by Oxana Hartog




Unity: it sounds cliché. But maybe it doesn't have to be. Sure, the Europe we live in is a political idea, but it's also a real place: a continent that's home to an overwhelming diversity of cultures and individuals. Is there something uniting these identities? 

This month's issue showcases the people and the places that bond us together: in music, art and food. Stories from all corners of the continent, about identity, discovery, community and friendship. As always, the voices and images are very diverse, but they all answer one essential question: when, where and how can we overcome division and engage in Unity?

If we break down the words that use the term 'Unity', we get:

[comm] UNITY
[imm] UNITY
[opport] UNITY

We hope you enjoy our second issue,

the Are We Europe team