Below are videos produced by the Are We Europe network or its partners 

A poem, with our visualization, from an Are We Europe reader about his feelings after the Paris and Beirut attacks in the fall of 2015.

AWE Asks | Johanna Nyman | Interrail Pass?
Are We Europe asked European Youth Forum president Johanna Nyman why she is not in favour of an Interrail Pass for every EU citizen turning 18.

You can see the article and the discussion about it on our Facebook-page here:

AWE | Sit-Downs | Ignacio Evangelista
We sat down with Ignacio Evangelista, a Spanish photographer who made a photo series about former border checkpoints called "After Schengen"
- Why are old borders significant?
- Should and can photographers take part in the public debate
- What do borders mean in Europe? 

Are We Europe - Introduction

This is the introduction video, the why to the Are We Europe platform. 
Young Europeans filmed by young Europeans for young Europeans.