Rubén Pulido | 28 | From El Arenal (Spain), living in Hamburg


If you asked me what I like most about Christmas, I would answer that I'm not really a Christmas lover; but that is not completely true.

I love food and Christmas season is the perfect time to be constantly drinking and eating all kinds of tasty food.

One of our more unusual Spanish food traditions is the “twelve grapes”, where on New Year’s Eve we eat a grape with each striking of the bell at midnight. Eating all twelve grapes is supposed to bring you twelve lucky months.

I love to do this together with family, friends or whoever else is around. Every year we have a heated discussion about which channel we should watch, despite the fact that at this time all of them broadcast from Puerta del Sol in Madrid! Last year I was in Bratislava, and a friend of mine used a pan and a stick to recreate the twelve strokes at midnight.