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Are We Europe commission stories from young journalists in Europe, from written pieces and photography for their magazine and podcasts or shortdocs for their online channels. We don’t currently have an open call for pitches.

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We are looking to complement our team with:

  • Videographers
  • Video editors

Applicants to video editor position must be based in Belgium or the Netherlands. Applicants to the videographer position must be based in Belgium, the Netherlands or any of the Nordic countries.

Send us your work through the form below and we’ll be in touch very soon.

ENTR is a multilingual video project involving media partners from across the European continent. Spearheaded by Deutsche Welle and France Médias Monde, ENTR offers video content for 18- to 34-year-olds on a variety of topics.

As a media partner of ENTR, Are We Europe is starting a Dutch-language channel:

Together, we will produce videos that will talk about important topics for a young and diverse Dutch-speaking audience based in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Dutch overseas territories.

Our trainings

The Circle

Are We Europe is coming to eight European cities to bring together creatives, journalists & media entrepreneurs. Over the course of two weeks, they set up the next generation collaborative media hubs.

The Circle is a new approach to cross-border journalism and collaboration. Four European media partners — Are We Europe (NL), Hostwriter (DE), Arty Farty (FR), and n-ost (DE) — join forces to create media knowledge hubs. Funded by the European Commission, our work is dedicated to developing new digital skills and training professionals in the journalism sector in state-of-the-art digital storytelling through Design Sprints. We want to explore next-generation digital media formats by building bridges between larger, established legacy media and millennial-led media organisations.

Join our Design Sprints to collaboratively map, research, and experiment with like-minded media professionals and develop a stellar idea for your region.

After Porto (Portugal) and Tblisi (Georgia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lyon (France), we will set up our next hub in Naples (Italy). 

Happy Pitching!